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Make this your first step to a new career. LGV training for Kent, Medway and the South East.

Individual or Shared Time?

Shared time in the cab may appear to reduce the cost of training but there are dis-advantages. 

When you spend time in the spare seat watching your co-trainee struggle in areas that you are proficient at, you are not learning.

When you struggle to turn sharp corners in an LGV, you need to practice it, not watch someone else do it from the spare seat.

Shared time is often over five days, meaning that you will be in the driving seat for about 18 hours before the test on day five. When you take out the rest stops and comfort breaks, it’s even less. 

Dedicated, individual training has many advantages.

The driving time is all yours and used to your advantage. Normally, a four day course with the test on the last day will give you around 25 hours’ solo training. Compare that to 5 days’ shared time and consider the boredom factor when sat in the spare seat!

Tuition can be provided to suit your own needs. For example, you may master the reversing exercise quickly but need to spend more time practising road procedure. This means you won’t have to wait while a second trainee has to spend more time reversing.

Training can be a more relaxed, enjoyable experience as there will be no feelings of intimidation from a second trainee should you be struggling in certain areas. 

Daily start / finish times and locations can be more varied to suit your needs.

We normally provide one to one tuition but a shared time course can be provided, especially if you want to train with someone that you know or for corporate training. Please call to discuss arrangements and prices.