Category C1 (7.5 tonne)

Medium Goods Vehicle

Drivers who passed their car test before 1/1/97 were given the entitlement to drive this category of vehicle and still do so under what’s known as acquired or “grandfather” rights. Drivers who passed on or after this date need to pass a test in a suitable vehicle in order to gain this entitlement. If you wish to drive commercially, it would probably be worthwhile taking a category C test (full HGV) which will also give you this entitlement. However, ambulance drivers, recovery trucks for mechanics, and builders normally have no wish to drive commercially and so only need this category. At KMLGV we keep ease of driving and costs to a minimum by using a “minimum vehicle requirements” vehicle shown here.

Passing a practical driving test in this vehicle will allow you to drive any of these.

ambulance driver training motorhome driver training
recovery driver training horsebox driver training

You must first obtain provisional entitlement on your licence. See on how to apply.

Send both forms to DVLA and study for your Theory and Hazard tests. DVDs available for under £20 Amazon, Ebay etc or search "LGV theory test" in your app store, ensuring that you pick the latest version.

Apply for and pass your Theory and Hazard Perception Tests. (£40 - Visit for details)

Call 01634 360270 or email your contact details to arrange training and practical test.


Practical training, including test fee (£155), based at Gillingham  

£845 (NO VAT)